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Our Staff

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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The Greater Nashville FCA is blessed to have a diverse lineup of talent on its staff.  Please take a moment and meet our team!

JENNY BAIN, Williamson County Field Staff (

LEE BROWN, Urban Director (

DAVE DEROCHER, Williamson County Field Staff (

TYLER FORTE, Metro Field Staff (

VICKY GATES, Administrative Assistant (

TED GLEASON, Williamson County Field Staff (

LORI ODOM, Administrative Assistant (

KAREN ROBINSON, Volunteer and Prayer Coordinator (

STEVE ROBINSON, Director Emeritus (

JENN ROSS, Metro Field Staff (

AL SCHIERBAUM, Executive Director (

CHARLOTTE SCHIERBAUM, Director of Operations & Events (

CHARLES SPARKMAN, Metro Field Staff (


Al Schierbaum
Charlotte Schierbaum
Steve Robinson
Lee Brown
Jenn Ross
Tyler Forte
Ted Gleason
Vicky Gates
Lori Odom
Erica Stoxstill Diggs
Dave DeRocher